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We are a service of the Loan Locator Group, located in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia.

The loan locator group is a fully licensed mortgage brokerage. Our mortgage professionals have well over 18 years experience in the business of making loans to qualified individuals.

The advantage of working with a broker rather than a bank is that we work for you! We are registered with many different banks and finance companies across the country and state, therefore, we can usually find a program that works for you. Whereas, if you don’t meet a banks criteria, you are usually turned down with no other options.

Additionally, we offer personalized service! We will come to you* as well as arrange your closing in your area!


210 Interstate North
Suite 700
Atlanta, Georgia 30339
4844 Old National Hwy
College Park, Georgia 30337

Call us:

(404)762-8965 fax
(404)705-5283 homebuyers hotline
(404)705-5282 refinance hotline

* not available in all areas

Credit requirements

Generally, if you have:

  • 2 years continuous job time (even if you’ve changed jobs).
  • 2 years rental history (even if you’ve moved recently).
  • Some established credit(we can use phone bills, payments, power bills, insurance payments, cell phone payments, etc.) And if you have derogatory items like liens, collections or bankruptcies, we can work with you under specific circumstances (call me please).

Special program

You may qualify for a home loan of $80 to $350,000, you can receive 3 to 6% in seller paid closing costs as well as a 3% down-payment gift from Nehemiah, Fuutres homes, or one of several other down-payment assistance programs.

We also have programs available for self-employed individuals as well as no income verification programs. (this program does require a down-payment)

Jumbo loans available to $1mm. Commercial loans available.

Cash-out as well as rate and term refinances, excellent rates available-we shop lenders for you!


  • The potential tax benefits of homeownership
  • The freedom to decorate and paint as you wish
  • The freedom to cook-out where and when you want
  • The comfort in knowing you won’t have another increase in your rent, and, you wont have to move again for a long time unless you want to. Finally, consider that you will be building up Your credit file and providing a more enjoyable lifestyle for you and your family.

Again, we are here to serve you! We genuinely appreciate your time, and look forward to talking with you soon.

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